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Metal Gondola Shelving AU50 from China supplier

Metal gondola shelving also be called gondola shelf, gondola rack,modular gondolas, shop gondola, shopfitting shelving, supermarket shelving, merchant shelving, retail shelving, display gondola etc. As a leading gondola shelving manufacturer & supplier in eastern China, Sumetall gondola shelving factory produce AU50 series metal gondola shelvings for more than 20 years. The AU50 gondola shelving widely used in supermarkets, convenience store, grocery store, clothing store, pharmacy store, hardware store, and gas station shop, gift shop etc.

China supplier for shopfitting gondola shelvings

Metal Gondola Shelving AU50 for shopfitting

The AU50 metal gondola shelving is the 50mm pitch post system (different post hole pitchs 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 41mm, 55mm are available). The welded “T” & ”L” upright with the 8″ high base foot makes it’s easy to clean the bottom floor (dismountable base foot is available). The backing panel of the gondola shelving can be flat pegboard, Volcano/Sunken pegboard, Slatwall & Grid wire mesh, and clear PVC panel etc. the shelf can be flat front style for accepting the adhesive data strips on front. The AU50 metal gondola shelving available different standard sizes for choose, and customized size can be made.

Size of Metal Gondola Shelving AU50 from China supplier

Size of Metal Gondola Shelving AU50 from China supplier






Sumetall is a trustable metal gondola shelving supplier / manufacturer in eastern China, we have confidence to make quality gondola shelving for you. Please feel free to contact us to get more information and latest catalogue.


Metal gondola shelving - AU50

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