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Shop shelving Upright / Post (Tego compatible)

Shop shelving upright is the main part for a shop shelving structure. It’s also be called shelving post or shelving columns. Sumetall EuroStar shop shelving upright is made by 30x30mm, 30x60mm, 30x80mm, 30x90mm, 30x110mm rectangular tube, punched with 50mm pitch “H” slotted holes like picture below. the upright is compatible with tego shelving upright (tegometall).

upright for Tego compatible shop shelving

upright for Tego compatible shop shelving

Shop shelving upright supplier provide quality upright / post, the sumetall shelving upright is made by high grade quality steel tube, ensured the upright with well shapped rectangular size and stronger performance. The upright is the most important parts for shop shelving, It’s important to buy quality uprights from quality shop shelving manufacturer – SuMetall.

30x60mm shop shelving upright supplier in China

30x60mm Shop Shelving Upright






30x80mm shop shelving upright supplier in China

30x80mm Shop Shelving Upright






30x90mm shop shelving post supplier in China

30x90mm Shop Shelving Post






30x110mm shop shelving columns supplier in China

30x110mm Shop Shelving Columns











Optionally, different thickness material are available for choose, for different loading capacity requirement of the shop shelving.

Any questions about standard shop shelving upright, or need customized shelving upright / post, Please contact shop shelving upright manufacturer now.


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